Body care

For your well-being:

The breakaway Nepalese: Scrub 4 teas nepal followed by a body massage balm of four teas € 139

The breakaway Ayurvedic: Stroking the body has the sweet cinnamon followed by a massage with warm sesame oil € 139

The breakaway Caribbean: coconut granita followed by a massage oil gently al Copra € 139


You will appreciate the slow movements, deep and relaxing that awaken the senses and invite you to relax. A delicious escape to the country's well-being ...

 Care Shirodhara massage the forehead and scalp under a stream of warm oil € 129
Kansu care: foot massage for € 80 bowls Kansu

Ayurvedic massage: massage energetic detoxifying, toning and relaxing in the warm sesame oil, in addition to the physical benefits, it nourishes the body, the senses and the soul, 89 €.

Californian massage: massage wellness of body 49 €

Massage Balinese massage tonic while depth (recommended for recovery after exercise or heavy legs) 89 €

Hot stone massage, stones of volcanic origin, the benefits of heat associated with a draining massage, detoxifying and relaxing € 99

Thai foot reflexology massage: deep work on the feet and calves through the reflex points, he participated in the harmonization of the major functions of the body 89 €

Massage and facial lifting effect with € 109

 The back massage € 29
 Massage of Face € 29
The foot massage € 29

 Access to the hammam € 19
 Access to the spa € 19
Access swimming pool € 7

Pack welfare for residents, pool access, whirlpool bath hamam, jacuzzi at € 39.

Pack welfare for non-residents, pool access, bubbling bath hamam, jacuzzi at € 49.

3h Cure Ayurvedic treatments and massages according to your dosha € 255.

 Our masssages are energy healing wellness and relaxation, therapeutic and non-medical non. Using essential oils on demand, sesame oil, coconut (sweet orange, jasmine, lavender, passion fruit ...)

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